The Death Letter Project
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Toni Reilly | Past Life Regression Therapist & Teacher / Author


I have a theory that everything in life is a theory until we experience it for ourselves. Our own death is a little bit tricky to experience for real and share.

My work as a regression therapist gives me loads of insight through others into the afterlife plus I've experienced my own visits home during meditation and by doing regression. Regression takes you into past life memories. Many might question how real this is - Reincarnation seems natural to me.

When experiencing past life memories the feelings and knowing is absolute assurance for me. No one could sway my knowing of what I felt and what my consciousness is aware of. To me life is an amazing elaborate play, an experiment of sorts for each soul to be a part of.

Death anxiety is the most common driver behind many people's fears and subsequent behaviours and actions. It shows up incognito, as worry about health and security. It's a very human driver. When a person realises that death is the door back home they can feel free for themselves and from grief of losing close loved ones.

Toni Reilly


Editor's note: Toni Reilly is an international best-selling author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Therapist. More about Toni...

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  • Oh this is like reading a really great book. - sierramalevich (Instagram)
  • I am so excited to be part of Your extraordinary The Death Letter Project Tina. I feel it is timely that we once again become much more comfortable with death. The fear of our lives ending and the grief over loss when someone we love returns impact is reduced if we are aware that dying is as important as birth. Are you comfortable with death? - toni_reilly (Instagram)
  • A very warming view Toni. Lovely Picture Tina! - Rosada Hayes (Facebook)
  • I loved how Toni saw death as life's driver - beautiful. - Fern Smith (email)