The Death Letter Project
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"I too heard about your project on Tapestry. I went on your website and try to read one letter a day, as a form of meditation, connection. Death to me is the ultimate truth, and reading about the truths of so many in their delicate or raw authenticity renders me speechless. As a practice, on my end I wrote a letter to myself, with responses to the questions you have posed. I will continue to write them every few years or so -- use it as a reflection of what version of truth is resonating in my soul at different points in my life. Deepest gratitude for your work, Tina, and for sharing it."
- Diana Tseng, Netherlands
April, 2018

"This afternoon, I heard an interview you gave to a spirituality program called Tapestry on radio 1 from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).. You stopped me in my tracks. What a profound project, and what amazing and moving letters. I lost one of my five brothers to a brain tumour in June 2009. Then a few years later, my parents passed over in rapid succession -- Mum in Nov 2014 and Dad in Feb 2015. Also, like many folks in their 50s, I've experienced death both sudden and unexpected among my friends and acquaintances. I've used these opportunities to think about the bonds I still share with everyone on the other side, and how to live my life in a way that will leave me with as few regrets as possible when it's my time to cross over. Thank you for your beautiful work. I hope with all my heart that one day soon, it will be available in book form. Keep on, keeping on."

- Jane Drake, Canada
April, 2018

“On Canadian radio (CBC), I heard you speak about your project "Death Letters" (and subsequent experiences) regarding research on what happens when we die.  I enjoyed your talk thoroughly,.. bravo!"

- Michael G., Vancouver, BC, Canada
April, 2018

"Dear Tina,

I wanted to thank you for your project, which has helped me immensely. I was very scared of anyone I love dying and found the topic frightening. Your project has helped heal me and I am now falling in love with death. Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

- Lu, England
October 2017