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Bob Boyd | Waste Warlord / Retired Master Plumber

My thoughts on Death. 7.10.17

Body mind and spirit are all components of life and so is death; the only things we all have in common. Fate, Karma and destiny are words bandied around as how we live to map out our life's journey. Along the way family, friends, workmates and strangers die, and the realisation of our own mortality is awakened. With this awakening, the mystery of the afterlife crosses our minds.

My father died of cancer, a relatively short suffering. On his last day Dad was over-sedated by nursing staff and could not communicate with his family and friends. I decided to buy a bottle of Dad's favourite Scotch Whiskey and take it into the hospice. With a small teaspoon I fed Dad a little whiskey. Immediately his eyes lit up and his consciousness awakened, so I fed Dad another & another - each time Dad responded with an eye movement. It was a last moment with my Dad I will never forget. 30 minutes later Dad took his last breath and passed.

After being brought back from death 3 times a famous Australian billionaire once said "There is nothing there, no white light, nothing".

Others believe in Heaven, Paradise, Hell and Re-incarnation. I don't care, I believe it is what you/we leave behind that counts for more. Your spirit. Spirit of adventure, spirit of happiness, spirit of sharing, spirit of friendship, loving and caring. Dad left all these behind for his family & friends.

In the millennium year 2000, I was told I had terminal lung disease and had about 2 years to live, with no treatment available for my condition. I sold our successful plumbing business and drifted into a deep depression. After 5 years I was still around and had thought a lot about death; then got on with life. I'm still kicking in 2017.

Your spirit will live on in others, good or bad. I would prefer to have a short term notice of my inevitable passing, say one month. This will allow me to celebrate life with my friends & family and thank them for sharing life experiences with me. But we are not all that fortunate.

So live life thankfully everyday, sharing, caring and loving, and die happily knowing your good spirits will carry on.

Shine On,


Editor's note: Bob Boyd is the founder of the award-winning initiative, Hobo Gro - an urban collective, based on ecologically sustainable practise. He can be found most Sundays at Marrickville Markets (142 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204) on the Hobo Gro market stall where he provides all kinds of eco/waste advice, in addition to selling organic compost, fertilizer, worm castings and coconut hanging pots. Hobo Gro also has a weekly segment on Radio Skidrow every Monday at 11am. 

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